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Proacteye, a pioneering force in healthcare innovation, proudly announces the introduction of Bot4Med, its groundbreaking solution set to revolutionize healthcare accessibility across the Middle East. Conceived in Pune in 2023 by visionary founders Haresh and Satyen, Proacteye aims to surmount barriers to quality healthcare through the fusion of cutting-edge AI and digital technologies.

Bot4Med: Bridging Healthcare Gaps
Bot4Med stands as a comprehensive diagnostic and patient management system poised to usher in an era where every individual has access to optimal healthcare. This innovative tool empowers healthcare providers to transcend the confines of traditional healthcare settings, ensuring safe, efficient, and personalized care remotely, mirroring the quality of in-hospital experiences.
Tackling Today’s Healthcare Hurdles
The healthcare landscape in the Middle East grapples with various challenges, including overcrowded facilities, prolonged wait times, and fragmented care delivery. Proacteye confronts these obstacles head-on with Bot4Med, featuring:

  • 12-in-1 Diagnostic Kit: A versatile device capable of capturing vital signs, conducting basic ECGs, and facilitating comprehensive patient examinations.
  • AI-Powered Analytics: Harnessing the potential of generative AI to forecast disease risks and tailor care plans, thereby optimizing patient outcomes.
  • Seamless Integration: Bot4Med seamlessly integrates with existing EMR/EHR systems, streamlining data management and diminishing the necessity for frequent hospital visits through remote consultations and monitoring.

Empowering Providers and Patients
Bot4Med empowers healthcare providers with a unified platform to efficiently manage patient data, automate appointments, and derive actionable insights, thereby fostering a patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery. Additionally, the platform facilitates remote monitoring, task management for care teams, and personalized patient engagement, nurturing stronger provider-patient relationships.

A Visionary Future
“Proacteye is steadfast in its commitment to revolutionize healthcare delivery through innovation. Bot4Med epitomizes a significant stride towards realizing our vision of ensuring universal access to quality healthcare,” affirmed Haresh and Satyen.
Proacteye extends an invitation to healthcare professionals and organizations across the Middle East to embark on this transformative journey. With its headquarters in Pune, India, the company stands ready to make a global impact, ensuring that the future of healthcare transcends boundaries.

About Proacteye
Established in 2023 in Pune, India, by Haresh and Satyen, Proacteye leads the charge in integrating AI and digital technology into healthcare. With the launch of Bot4Med, the company sets new benchmarks in care delivery, emphasizing efficiency, accessibility, and patient-centric practices.
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