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Proacteye: Partnering for the Future of Healthcare in India

Revolutionizing patient care and driving hospital growth


Scale your patient population, delight patients, and thrive in the future with Proacteye’s Bot4Med.

This all-in-one diagnostic kit and patient engagement solution for a modern, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare experience.

Trends in the Indian Healthcare Sector

Bridging the Gaps in Indian Healthcare

Shift from communicable to lifestyle diseases.

Expansion to Tier II and Tier Ill cities like Nashik, Mohali, Dehradun, etc.

Emergence of telemedicine.

Rising adoption of artificial intelligence (AI).

Increasing penetration of health insurance.

Focus on universal immunization programs (UIP).

Expanding out-of-hospital care:
Hospital 3.0 Fueling Hospital's Growth and Revenue

Urban-Rural Disparity

Over 70% of India’s qualified doctors are concentrated in urban areas, leaving a vast segment of our population with limited access to specialist care.

NCD Crisis

Heart disease, diabetes, and other non-communicable diseases are the leading causes of death in India. These require ongoing monitoring and patient management.
[Source: WHO / ICMR / PHFI]

Telehealth's Rise

India’s telehealth market, now worth $2B+, is projected to grow $5.5B by 2025.

Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World

Hospitals and clinics face rising costs, limited resources, and an aging population.
Patient expectations are rapidly shifting towards convenience, access, and personalized care.
Telehealth and virtual care, previously a niche, have gone mainstream post-pandemic.

Transforming Healthcare for a New India

Expand Patient Reach

Break down geographical barriers, and serve underserved rural communities, and those with limited healthcare access.

Optimize Resources

Empower your existing staff to care for more patients with fewer in-person visits, reducing the strain on hospital wards.

Elevate Patient Experience

On-demand consultations, proactive care, and health management at home improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

New Revenue Streams

B2B health partnerships expand your scope, subscription models drive sustained revenue for your hospital.

How Proacteye Helps Your Hospital

  • Extend Your Reach and Expand Patient Base
  • Optimize Resource Utilization
  • Drive Revenue Growth
  • Corporate and B2B Partnerships

Next-Gen Healthcare

Through BoT4Med, Proacteye aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by automating clinics and reducing administrative work.

Increase Revenue

Creating sustainable new revenue streams and profit centers.

Sell More, Grow More

Unlock resources that help you drive demand for more customer opportunities and accelerate your growth.

Get Support

Receive dedicated support starting at registration to throughout the sales process.

About Proacteye’s Bot4Med

Bot4Med is a single device that incorporates twelve vital signs, which are then converted into digital records. With this revolutionary technology, doctors can review patient vitals in real-time and prescribe accurate and timely medication. In addition, patients can conveniently order prescribed medication directly from pharmacies, saving them valuable time and effort.

Join the Proacteye’s Channel Partner Program today!


Join the Proacteye’s Channel Partner Program today!