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About Us

We're committed to transforming healthcare through remote patient monitoring (RPM)., our RPM solutions have cut readmission rates by 50%. With an 80% adherence rate to daily vitals, we empower patients and providers for better outcomes.

About Us

Bot4Med’s connected care at-home technologies facilitate behavioral change and empower both individuals and clinicians to make well-informed decisions regarding healthcare treatment. Through their utilization, providers can amplify patient engagement, enabling personalized and proactive care management that fosters improved health outcomes and enhanced care experiences.

Furthermore, these at-home and remote patient monitoring technologies have the potential to optimize resource allocation, streamline care delivery processes, decrease acute setting length of stays, and mitigate readmissions. This results in a measurable return on investment for healthcare organizations and at home caregivers say the Founders Mr.Haresh and Mr Satyen.


“Our mission at Proacteye is to harness the power of digital healthcare technologies to enhance patient engagement, streamline clinical workflows, and drive meaningful advancements in healthcare delivery. We are committed to developing cutting-edge remote patient monitoring solutions that empower healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care anytime, anywhere, ultimately leading to healthier communities and improved quality of life for all.”


“At Proacteye, our vision is to revolutionize healthcare through innovative technology solutions that empower patients, optimize care delivery, and improve health outcomes. We envision a future where remote patient monitoring is seamlessly integrated into healthcare systems, enabling personalized and proactive care for every individual.”

Patient-Centric Healthcare that comprehensively addresses all requisite services.

Unlock the full potential of your specialists, ensuring productivity, and unparalleled patient care.