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BoT4MED Diagnostic Kit


Scale your practice, delight patients, thrive in the future with BoT4MED, the all-in-one diagnostic kit & patient management system for a modern, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare experience.
BoT4MED is a user-friendly, cloud-based platform. Set up your account, use the BoT4MED Diagnostic Kit to collect patient data, and let its AI analyze the data to offer health insights and treatment recommendations.

BoT4Med: The Future of Healthcare is Now

Transforming Practices: Enhancing operational efficiency and unlocking new revenue opportunities.
Empowering Teams: Providing staff with essential tools for exceptional care delivery.
Engaging Patients: Fostering lasting relationships through personalized and proactive care.


Innovate scale and thrive with advanced homecare solutions with proximity of screening

Proacteye’s Bot4Med is a revolutionary tool designed to transform the way healthcare agencies operate. By providing real-time patient information, our web-based point-of-care software empowers caregivers to make informed decisions, leading to improved patient care and better health outcomes.

Eliminate geographical restrictions; cater to patients irrespective of their location.

Add diverse billing strategies tailored that can spur new revenue streams.

Structured out-of-hours care leverages underused time slots, optimizing services and boosting profitability.

Our 12-in-1 diagnostic device and secure platform replace outdated tools, maximizing efficiency and data accuracy.

Empowering Home Care with Technology
Proacteye breaks down technological barriers, providing you with cutting-edge hardware and secure software applications to deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time. Our platform prioritizes robust connectivity, data privacy, and advanced security, giving home care providers peace of mind. We bridge the gap between physicians and patients, facilitating seamless care coordination in the hour of need.

For Patient

Whether you need to seek urgent medical advice, or connect with emergency services, Bot4Med is here to assist you 24/7.

Popular Features

  • Vitals Tracking
  • Seek instant care
  • 24/7 Availability

For Nurse

Bot4Med empowers homecare nurses through streamlined communication, improved efficiency, and proactive care delivery.

Popular Features

  • Streamlined Communication
  • Patient Screening
  • Analytics

For Doctor

Bot4Med enhances doctors’ skills in homecare by improving communication, time management, care proactivity, and patient education.

Popular Features

  • Provide instant care
  • Time Efficiency
  • Remote Screening

360° Remote Patient-Centric Healthcare Care Ecosystem

Unleash Scalability

Monitor and care for more patients remotely with the same workforce, enabling your business to grow without compromising care standards.

Supercharge Efficiency

Automate vital sign monitoring, data collection, reporting, and care coordination, freeing up staff for higher-value patient interactions.

Elevate Care Quality

Proactive monitoring with real-time alerts enables timely interventions, improving patient outcomes and preventing complications.

Expand Your Services

Offer cutting-edge remote patient diagnosis, chronic disease management, and virtual consultations, opening new revenue streams.

Seamless Integration

Our device bot4med can be linked with iOS Health app and Google Health

Differentiate Your Brand

Position yourself as a technology leader in home care, attracting more clients, and building valuable partnerships.

Capitalize on the India Homecare Boom!

Our solutions don’t just add to your capabilities—they multiply them, empowering you to achieve up to 5X revenue growth while serving more patients effectively.

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The Indian home healthcare market is booming, set to reach $21.3 billion by 2027, up from $6.2 billion in 2020 (NITI Aayog, 2021).


Still have questions about Proacteye’s Bot4Med healthcare system? Check some frequently asked questions below to learn more about what we have to offer.

How should I choose a home care software?

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your legacy software. Or perhaps you’re finally shifting away from paper-based processes and bringing in a digital solution. Regardless of where your agency is, this buyer’s guide will help you tick all the relevant, important boxes as you consider what you need from a new home care software platform.

Can I use Bot4Med’s home care software on a mobile device?

Bot4Med responsively designed mobile app is available on both smartphones and tablets. Gain access for free in the Apple Store or on Google Play. Consistently voted one of the best caregiver apps in home care software. Now, you can provide your staff with access to the right information, anytime, anywhere.

How much does home care software cost?

Please check the pricing section.

How does your software handle Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

It handles all 6 elements of EVV and is device agnostic – our mobile app can be downloaded to mobile devices of any kind for free. The app leads the market on user-friendliness so your caregivers can focus on the best patient care instead of being frustrated with technology.

Does your software work with Private Duty Agencies?

Yes. The industry typically makes reference to private pay (out of pocket), private insurance (insurance provided by the client), and Private Duty (the absence of home health Medicare and possibly the inclusion of Medicaid). We have your revenue cycle covered so you can effectively manage your billing and grow profit.

Does your software have care plans?

Yes. The plan of care, visit notes, communication logs, vitals, progress notes, custom forms with logic, referral sources, a medication database – everything has been designed to cover non-medical home care uses and most home health use cases like physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Is Bot4Med HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Your back office team will streamline operations through our web based agency management software through Google Chrome. Our cloud based software is hosted by our trusted partner, Amazon Web Services, providing the best security and uptime in the industry, so you can focus on better care for your patient census.


Unlock New Revenue Streams