Why Pharma needs Access Security Broker to protect their data

Pharmaceutical industry is the industry of medicines and health-drugs. Safety of medicine is necessary in order to prevent theft and black marketing.

However, apart from medicines, pharmaceutical firms also need to protect their data which comprises of company patents, documents of production rights etc.

Due to Advanced Data Security Services, pharmaceutical marketers can offer modern, personalized marketing content that will help them get their message across to the right people, but remain health insurance related laws compliant at the same time.

The identity management service of ProactEye can be helpful in keeping a track of what section of pharmaceutical database is accessible to a particular employee and what section is not.

Access security broker protects data

ProactEye Access Security Broker is a more secure way of protecting data as it ensures select access to select users. Another key advantage of Access Security Broker is that it instils more productivity in the work environment as users can afford to be care-free about remembering dozens of usernames and passwords.

Every application that stores data like documents of intellectual property rights and patents is password protected. For Pharma industry, ProactEye Access Security Broker can protect the documents and data about stock of medicines, raw materials information and recipes, documents of production rights and contacts with medicine retailers.

Creating user accounts for application access and deleting the accounts of former employees in a pharmaceutical firm is a time consuming task. With Access Security Broker both of these tasks can be accomplished within a short time.

The key features of access security brokers include single sign-on (to protect passwords and authorize multiple sign-in at the same time), two-factor authentication (for extra security), access management (to list all rules and regulations regarding access to the applications), and syncing of contextual policies.

Identity Management scrutinizes users accessing data

Having ProactEye Identity Management system helps the user fulfil the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, time and repetitive tasks.

ProactEye Identity Management has the potential to provide greater access to organizations, which can drive productivity, satisfaction and, ultimately, revenue.

With ProactEye Identity Management, it is easy to track the activity of every user and check if any user is trying to indulge into unauthorized access.

ProactEye Identity Management helps users with provisioning the identity for an organization or an individual working in an organization at a lower cost. It also helps them to reduce the additional cost regarding de-provision an identity. ProactEye‘s Identity Management makes this cost-effective.

Apart from Identity Provisioning and De-provisioning, ProactEye‘s Identity Management offers the feature of multiple identity management in case a user has been assigned different accounts for access to different applications. Lastly, directory authentication adds ease to securing the applications as ProactEye‘s Identity Management grants permission to access a resource or application. It also confirms the access to application being by the right user is authentication. For example, when a user changes the password, the ProactEye Identity Management tool of authenticates the user, confirming that he/she has the right to change password.

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