ProActeye advanced User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) provides context to behavioral analysis, which makes it easier to identify internal security threats and find individual offenders. ProActeye UEBAs allow for quicker detection by using machine learning and mathematical algorithms to detect insider threats.

As the name implies, user and entity behavior analytics helps businesses detect targeted attacks, financial fraud, and insider threats.It is generally used to analyze users as they may have intentions to steal sensitive information of your business.

ProActeye User Entity Behavior Analytics provides architecture with the breadth of Identity Access Intelligence to User Behavior Analytics, and the depth from cloud apps to on-premises behavior.

Use Case Benefits
Identify New Privileged Accounts
  • It can be challenging to ensure appropriate access rights and keep track of users. ProActeye helps you automatically monitor and report on the creation of privileged accounts and the elevation of permissions.
Track Data Access & Retreat
  • When a compromised user account or a rogue insider finds their way to sensitive data, you need to know. Our analytics can help you detect when a user inappropriately accesses protected data.
Account Hijacking & Privileged Account Abuse
  • Quickly detect compromised accounts and gain full visibility into threats associated with privileged accounts
Cloud Application Compromise
  • Gain holistic visibility surrounding access and activity for applications (on-premises or in the cloud) for users and gain insights into misuse or abuse of these applications.
Unusual Behavior: User, Device, & Application
  • Identify threats and anomalies associated with users and other entities within your organization: User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
Malware Detection & Lateral Movement
  • Detect malware and other threat actors as they move laterally within your network and communicate with internal and external C&C servers.
Identity and Risk Analytics
  • Increase identity misuse and compromise detection and deterrence with self audits to third party contractors, partners, suppliers, buyers and consultants.