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PROACTEYE offers a well-connected healthcare ecosystem, revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare in India. We are a simple and user-friendly mobile app on a mission to improve access and quality of healthcare in India. Our app enables you to keep a tab on your and your family’s health through our smart kit containing a glucometer, blood pressure machine, and an ECG machine. You can conveniently share the records with your healthcare team facilitating effective real-time health management. The app brings 360-degree healthcare together by connecting you with India’s most trusted doctors virtually, enabling doctor recommended tests and medicine home delivery via the platform.

Does my sleep and step count get captured in PROACTEYE App using Apple watch?

Yes, users can record sleep & Step count using the Apple watch.

How many members can I add in App?

Primary users can add up to 4 more members in the app at no additional cost.

Can I check my vitals history on the app?

Yes, users can view their vitals history for the last 30 days.

Does the app support the Omron and Alive-core devices for checking vitals?

Yes, Omron BP device and Alive-core can easily pair with the PROACTEYE App.

From where can I download the PROACTEYE app?

Users can download the PROACTEYE Android app from Google play store and the iOS App on Apple store. The link is also available on the PROACTEYE website.

Any charges for installing mobile app?

No, the app is completely FREE.

Can I book an appointment from the PROACTEYE website/app for a virtual doctor’s consultation?

Yes, users can book their appointment using the PROACTEYE website or app.

Where can I get the PROACTEYE Wellness Care Kit?

The kits are available on the Wellness Care website and mobile app. Users can place their orders as per their requirement.

Will I get notified when my appointment is booked?

Yes, patients will get notification on their registered mobile number for their appointment details.

Does PROACTEYE have a Virtual Doctor’s Clinic?

Yes, PROACTEYE has a Virtual Doctor’s Clinic. Users just need to book an appointment through the app or the website.

What services does PROACTEYE provide?

1. PROACTEYE Wellness Care Kit
2. Virtual Doctor’s Clinic
3. Remote Patient Management
4. Predictive AI Analytics

Are the Wellness Care Kits trusted?

Yes, all our Wellness Care Kits are FDA approved.

How does the Wellness Care Virtual Doctor’s Clinic work?

With Wellness Care, we bring you a range of expert doctors you can choose from whenever you need a doctor’s consultation. Ditch the waiting rooms and long queues, book an appointment via the Wellness Care app or the website and get diagnosis and consultation from India’s top doctors from the comfort of your home.

Will doctors be able to share prescriptions with the patients?

Yes. After consultation, the doctor can prescribe a treatment plan to patients on the app.

Will the app notify me on the next follow-up date?

Yes, the patient will get notified on the next follow-up date via the app.

How many vital records can a user take in a day using BP Omron & ECG Alive-core device?

Currently, there is no limit.

For how many days will my vitals be saved in the app?

For 30 days.

Can I share my recent vitals with my doctor or hospital?

Yes, vital records can be shared with doctors, hospitals and your loved ones.

Can users record Single or 6-Lead ECG using Alive-core devices?

Yes, both Single lead and 6-lead ECG can be captured using the Alive-core device, but doctors recommend using 6-Lead ECG.

Does the app contain the tutorial of Omron and ECG device training?

Yes, once the user logs in to the PROACTEYE app, they can see the tutorials under the Training section on the dashboard.

Can I share my vitals with the doctor during video consultation?

Yes, users can share real-time vitals with their doctors.

Can the doctor see all my vital records or only specific records?

Doctors can see all the vital records of patients, like BP, ECG, height, weight, oxygen level, blood glucose, temperature.

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