document.write( daym ); 0000002120 00000 n h�b```f``9������� Ā [email protected]�q}����� ��:,�����e�� This includes the initial 3 tone and current 2 tone camouflages of F-18, the tactical and the late schemes for F-14… etc. Standard lower colour of USN aircraft, and aircraft operating over the The forest green color was used by the U.S. Marine Corps, a part of the Navy, and the Navy blue primarily for staff and administrative vehicles. And we guess for you, too. Testors MM. document.write( year ); trailer <<67AB20DDB53D4F489C7D997925F6AA4E>]/Prev 308368>> startxref 0 %%EOF 92 0 obj <>stream %PDF-1.5 %���� var year = datenow.getYear(); Tamiya. var docdate = new Date( document.lastModified ); USN Camouflage Measures This section contains a description and example of camouflage patterns described in SHIPS-2. var daym = datenow.getDate(); 0000023607 00000 n Within the first six months of combat, the United States Navy modified Measures 11 and 12 to meet the needs of Pacific Ocean operations. All of these colors were mixed from base colors of white and black to generate greys of varying hues. US Navy & USMC aircraft colours around WW2 The following has been compiled from researches carried out and published by William Reece, Dana Bell, John Snyder et al. Since 1934 silver corrosion protective paint on all outer and inner surfaces. year = year + 1900; 0000024367 00000 n For the description of the FS codes and matching paint numbers, 0000026944 00000 n 500+ other articles are available in our archive, n by The set includes the equivalent Federal Standard colors for US Navy colors used during WWII (ANA color chart). We will be adding more ship classes and filling-in the blank spots as information is obtained by us. document.write( minute ); The colors used for these measures are as follows: Light Grey 5-L (replaced Standard Navy Grey of the prewar period) Ocean Grey 5-O Dark Grey 5-D Black #82 White 5-U. Neutrality paint: By order of Dec. 12th 1940 all outer surfaces were to be shown in "Light Gray" (FS 36440, ANA 602). 0000140641 00000 n Vallejo MA. FS:37880: 6*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:41 : ANA 603 Sea Grey (neutral) FS:36118 : 4*Hu:77 + 3*Hu:70 + 2*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:25 (Hu:125) T:XF-24 : P:PCA809 : GS:H305 : MM:1723: ANA 606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue: Top wing surfaces of USN aircraft after 1942: FS:25042: 12*Hu:21 + 10*Hu:15 + 4*Hu:68 + 3*Hu:22 (Hu:134) FS 34258 #2 Green . 0000001554 00000 n It is stated by all who carry out this research that nothing is certain and reference to photographs is always advised. Vallejo MC. All other horizontal and sloping surfaces paint BK Dull Black (C 02). >> 0000002233 00000 n 0000178382 00000 n document.write( '"' + document.title + '"' ) 0000005406 00000 n 0000004673 00000 n document.write( month ); 0000023534 00000 n 0000003540 00000 n else I think he is building from the Perry Class. All material within this site is protected under The colors are based on FEDERAL STANDARD references and colors are accurate, although lightened for scale reduction effect . 0000014598 00000 n 0000022592 00000 n These are Navy gray, forest green, and Navy blue. var daym = docdate.getDate(); This site is an interactive community of enthusiasts interested in document.write( hour ); Federal Standard system. Measure 32/3SS-B: Paint the deck glossy black (use ACS 04), stopping two feet short of the edges. The US Navy's WWII color standard is based on the 1929 Munsell Color System. Terms of use: // --> Our Graphic Tees are crafted with the following details: 100% combed ringspun cotton Ultra-comfortable and soft for all-day wear Tagless, itch-free design A ribbed collar that won't lose its shape Machine wash cold Tumble dry … BB-60 USS Alabama early 1942 wearing MS 12 modified paint scheme This is a database of camouflage paint schemes applied to USN ships during the years 1941 to 1945. Us Navy Paint Colors. '' + 6 bottles of WWII Paint- 22ml each.- $34.95. However, if you want to model your ship to represent 100% freshly-applied paint (very rare unless you are making it as it appeared at commissioning), you would need three colors (Haze Gray, Deck Gray and Non-Skid/Flight Deck Gray). Standard lower colour of USN aircraft, and aircraft operating over the Atlantic. Camouflage colors based on official documentation Oficial Name Model Air Name Ref. CV-3 USS Saratoga early 1942 wearing MS 11 paint scheme. This pack includes the four colors most widely use by USN from 80’s to present. 0000022911 00000 n Deletion of colors… 0000079666 00000 n 0000024294 00000 n Color. var hour = datenow.getHours(); 0000022352 00000 n The layout and graphics of this site, HTML and program code are 0000022816 00000 n Mr Color. Has been last updated: