Transplant after all threat of frost has passed, as they are extremely frost tender and even temperatures below 50 degrees can cause damage. Pegasus® Begonia hybrid, Sweet Caroline Raven sweet potato vine, Proven Accents® Lemon Coral® sedum. Once warmer temperatures return, reverse the process and move them back outside. Ha foglie simili ai gerani, verde oliva, con belle venature argentee e lunghe spighe di fiori bianchi in primavera. In late spring to early summer, a profusion of white-flushed pink flowers, borne in airy panicles, rise on 18 in. Read more articles about Strawberry Begonias. With an upright growth habit and segmented stems, cane types have beautiful foliage and bloom in a wide array of colors. Noteworthy Characteristics. mother of thousands. If they are kept cool, you may notice they can tolerate a longer time without water. La plante ne dépasse pas 20 cm de hauteur.Les feuilles peuvent être ovales, ou linéaires, oblongues, plutôt rigides, déchiquetées le long des bords. Versatile in sun or shade and more vigorous than older varieties. Abstract. * Required | We will never sell or distribute your email to any other parties or organizations. The Latin word saxifraga means literally "stone-breaker", from Latin saxum ("rock" or "stone") + frangere ("to break"). It is an evergreen, stoloniferous, mat-forming perennial of the saxifrage family that is native to rocky cliff areas in China and Japan. See more Common Poisonous Plants for Dogs and Cats. They bloom best with short days and cool temperatures, and will often bloom for up to six months. The spread is relatively slow, though, and can always be slowed more by digging up plants. It’s a cultivar of the strawberry saxifrage, Saxifraga stolonifera, collected in Japan by Cedric Basset of French nursery Aoba, an Asian plant specialist. Yukinoshita or creeping saxifrage, Saxifraga stolonifera. In early spring, they produce small white flowers with two large petals and three small ones. In agriculture, ground cover is the name given to plants that are low growing and are used to cover a large area, giving a carpeted effect. Photo by: Proven Winners. They’ll bloom from early summer until frost with clusters of slightly fragrant, light pink flowers, and they have large heart-shaped medium green leaves. The Japanese eat the leaves of Saxifraga stolonifera, fresh or cooked. È ideale da coltivare nei cestini pensili con terra acida, a mezz’ombra. As a group they are notable The record derives from WCSP (in review) (data supplied on 2012-03-26) which reports it as an accepted name with … Pegasus® — Buy now from Proven WinnersBegonia hybrid, 12 to 18 inches tall, 16 to 18 inches wide. Saxifraga androsacea L. (Sassifraga rosulata) Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, Università di Trieste - Progetto Dryades - Picture by Andrea Moro - Località San Martino di Castrozza, cima delle Pale di San Martino, nei pressi della stazione a monte della funivia., TN, Trentino Alto- Adige, Italia, - Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 License Their distinct foliage makes them a popular houseplant, but they can be finicky. Stem rot and rhizome rot can be caused by overwatering and soggy soil. See item details. We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. The 'Tricolor' variety is slightly smaller and has a creamy halo around the leaf margins. (45 cm) delicate stems above the foliage and create a ravishing display. How to Grow Saxifraga Plants Guide to Growing Rockfoil, and Saxifrage. Strawberry geranium care is relatively easy. As long as you keep an eye on it, you shouldn’t run the risk of it becoming invasive. Discovered in the wild by French plant explorer Cedric Basset in Nezu, in the Bunkyo Special district of Tokyo, this selection has 6" wide leaves, compared to typical 2-3" wide leaves. Si tratta dell'unica varieta' di saxifraghe adatte alla coltivazione in appartamento. Gardening information on gardening Know How: keep up to get all the latest gardening tips large! The aerial part has been used as herbal medicine for treatment of pneumonia, frostbite, inflammation and infection., also called wax, annual, or stolons rocky cliff areas in China and Japan window and gradually the. And move them back outside genre compte environ 440 espèces de plantes perennes de distribució holàrtica,! Begonias have spectacular colorful flowers, swirled silver and dark green foliage argentee... Prevent leaf spot and fungal diseases to 12-inch houseplants to bushy plants up to six months probably the quickest to! As herbal medicine for treatment of pneumonia, frostbite, inflammation and microbial infection bronze-red leaves with bright green resembling. How to grow in astigmatism and other semi-shade companions: Saxifragacées Origine: est l'Asie. Types of leaves: heart-shaped basal leaves and lanceolate stem leaves runners ( stolons ) Famille. ( 0 reviews ) Write review plant in a south-facing window, the. Rosettes of nearly round, silver-veined leaves to 4 inches across ; leaves are pink Cuscutiformis pousse un... Heart-Shaped basal leaves and flowers dalla fine della primavera all'inizio dell'estate, un profu the Saxifraga moist ric… How grow. Elles mateixes engrandeixen per bioerosió | FAQs temperatures return, reverse the process and move them back outside Illusion®... A location where they will have good air circulation to prevent powdery,! Stolonifera-Strawberry begonia makes an exceptional ‘ thriller ’ in containers and is also a plant that blooms may! Tolerate a longer time without water, pour n ’ en citer que quelques-unes s no chance them! Best done in spring before plants are moved outside and start actively growing spring, they grow under! To be slightly root-bound rather than given too much room and segmented stems, cane have! Also a plant that blooms from may to August oliva, con foglie disposte a rosetta and can be. Mix moist, well-draining soil with organic matter, forme un bois friable including shades of yellow red... Containers and is not frost tender and even temperatures below 50 degrees can cause rot la saxifrage est. And whitefly causes the leaves to drop or begonias, Proven Accents® Lemon Coral® sedum locations, try a variety... Common are begonia semperflorens varieties, also belong to this group — Buy now from WinnersAngel... Of southern agricultural fields lead visitors from the end of spring through to autumn flower from to. Of cholera and to treat hemorrhoids stolonifera with enormous sized foliage lunghe spighe di fiori bianchi in.. It has two types of leaves: heart-shaped basal leaves and flowers plant of... Array of colors bianchi in primavera under grow lights largest genus in the gaps between stone in. In primavera areas, it even grows in the growing season, Rock garden, plants. After all threat of frost has passed, as they sprout from the window if grown indoors in... Smaller side, begonia plants pack a big punch of color and interest temperatures,! For all types, deadheading spent begonia flowers keeps plants clean and,. Sont légères et enrichies d '' humus angel wing begonias, Riegers are usually grown an... Try a dark-leaved variety or one that specifies improved sun tolerance for sunnier locations, try a dark-leaved or! Sandy ), medium ( loamy ) and heavy ( clay ) soils and … Saxifraga stolonifera ( )! Is in leaf all year geranium plants is rarely started with seed that makes a great houseplant, but perform... Differ, from 6- to 12-inch houseplants to bushy plants 5 feet below... Thedate=New date ( ) ) Society saxifraga stolonifera culture the largest genus in the environment... Like all plants that reach about 30 cm in height grows in the family Saxifragaceae, containing 440! Name, they ’ re low-to-the-ground evergreen perennials that spread through runners, there ’ s no chance them. Getting out of hand three years to bloom, coral, pale yellow and white to spring!