Peter Steiner-Davion Returns - News reports state that Prince Peter Steiner-Davion has returned from ten years in seclusion to claim the Lyran Alliance throne, with the support of his brother Victor. (Transcript), Advertisements - The loading screens feature numerous advertisements for businesses and attractions on Solaris VII. If the player wins all of the matches in each weight class, he or she advances to the championship round, which is open to all weight classes. In addition, how each mission is performed has an impact on the timeline. May 17, 2006 3:08pm. (Transcript), A Plan of Action - The Rabid Fox commander asks Spectre to deliver the information that Katrina Steiner is being held on Arc-Royal to Khan Vladimir Ward of Clan Wolf. Featuring an immersive, career-based Mercenary campaign driven by player choice, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is now available for purchase. (Transcript), 'Mech Works Attack - Victor's allied forces hire Spectre to destroy the Von Straub Proving Grounds and the Fafnir prototypes. (Transcript), Moonlight (Talon) - House Davion hires Spectre to investigate a communication disruption between the Antares supply depot and its orbital launch site. When Nondi's 'Mech is destroyed, her XO, Lt. Learn more about MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, the PvE tactical ‘Mech combat game currently in-development. Mechwarrior always has been about the Mechlab, especially multiplayer. (Transcript), Overlord - A week before the Kell Hounds land, Peter Steiner-Davion hires Spectre to support the his personal troops' attack on Nondi Steiner's positions in the sector. Spectre wins and qualifies for the Jungle Championship. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Oct 14, 2020. The announcer spotlights mercenary gladiator Alex Haight, but he falls to Spectre. Escort - Spectre takes a contract to defend a Defiance Industries munitions convoy traveling on the highway between the factory and the spaceport, guarding it against attacks by Skye separatist guerrillas. One of the greatest features of MekPak3.1 and of Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries in general, is the ability to customize. The Halloran Protectorate militia has increased its raids on Transpax, Inc. facilities with naval and air assets. Spectre finishes the first group of missions, then leaves and comes back after an interval, so earlier in the war is most likely. FASA Studio (Transcript). Defiance Industries blacklists Spectre after this mission. (Transcript), Griffon Base - Spectre's mercenary force hot drops into a battle between the Stalwart Support mercenary infantry unit and the Capellan Confederation's Harloc Raiders under Colonel Wu Deng Tang, battling for control of Griffon Base. It's fast, well armored, and hits like a forklift in the scrotum. Analysts claim that Archon Princess Katrina Steiner intentionally denied them support because they were nominally aligned with her brother Victor. MekTek Studios has announced efforts to bring back support for multiplayer by implementing a community-driven master server to replace the defunct ZoneMatches server.[12]. The mechs themselves have not been left out, each one with a highly detailed model (which can easily be scaled down for less powerful computers) and several different paint schemes available. It's fast, well armored, and hits like a forklift in the scrotum. In April 2010, MekTek received permission from Microsoft to release the game for free using their MekMatch torrenting program. (Transcript), Beach Fight - Spectre challenges Star Colonel Aisa Thastus to a Trial of Possession for the Cocuala island chain. I considered doing some participation, but anything too involved would slow this thing to a crawl. ESRB: Teen (13+)USK: 12+ELSPA: 11+OFLC: M, Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries is a vehicle simulation video game for the PC released in 2002. - After the Styk Commonality's victory at Thurbid, the Capellan Confederation offers to begin peace talks. On this premise, MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries is considered to be an apocryphal product. In MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries, you lead lances of 'Mechs into combat for private and House contracts for C-bills. Vehicle simulation game Per canon, Katrina surrendered on April 20, 3067. (Transcript), The Factory (Heavy) - At the halfway point for the season, Spectre defeats Steiner contender Nako Tayuma. In April 2010, MekTek received permission from Microsoft to release the game for free using their MekMatch torrenting program. (Transcript), Governor's Mansion - Spectre's force is assigned to guard the mansion where the governor has sent his family for safety. (Transcript), The Coliseum (Medium) - Fisher notes that Davion and Steiner supporters have nearly come to blows. Spectre and his troops leave Halloran V in search of additional contracts after this mission is complete. Players assume the role of "Spectre" a fledgling mercenary 'Mech pilot, as he attempts to start up his own mercenary company and achieve riches and fame. All of the computer games include a variety of light 'Mech chassis, from a few in MechWarrior 2 and MechWarrior 3 to MWO's much larger roster of light 'Mechs. Click the name for detailed description, list of variants, their weapons and equipment. Colonel Scott Bradley's Second Kell Hounds Regiment will be landing, following heavy action in the southern hemisphere. Both sides hire mercenary support. Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries. Styk Commonality Under Siege - The Capellan Confederation attacks the Styk Commonality, hoping to absorb the small Chaos March state. Return to LP Index. The player must choose one of four established mercenary units as a sponsor. They take out the encampment and kill Star Colonel Thastus. Once resupplied, the Kell Hounds redeploy northeast of Tharkad City. The game refers to the attackers on Hesperus II as the Fourth Davion Heavy Guards. FIELD NOTES: "When engineers designed the Thor, they borrowed concepts from other ’Mechs such as the Warhammer, Marauder, and Victor. One common light chassis is the Commando, which is actually a bit slow for a light 'Mech.In return, this machine is armed with an SRM 4 and SRM 6 launcher for a serious close-range missile assault on unsuspecting opponents. Dates: The FedCom Civil War sourcebook indicates Katrina began recalling units to defend New Avalon in 3066 "as April approached," making it likely that the parade and speech are on March 17, 3066, when New Avalon celebrates Grain Rebellion Day - a major holiday well suited for both parades and speeches. Per canon, this took place in late May, 3066. With these resources, the player can purchase new weapons and BattleMechs, pay for 'Mech repairs, and hire additional MechWarriors for his or her company. Modes The Mechlab truly distinguishes MW4 from a long list of shooters that have come out in the past 10 years. Eighth Crucis Lancers Destroyed - The Draconis Combine wipes out the embattled Eighth Crucis Lancers, who fought to the end against a DCMS force three times their size. The multiplayer mode is definitely the high point of MechWarrior 4. (Transcript), 'Mech Works Attack (Talon) - House Steiner hires Spectre to assault the previously scouted Kallon 'Mech Works, destroying the hangars, the test facilities, and the Templar OmniMech prototypes. Per canon, they arrived in late March, 3066. [7][8] However due to the massive influx of 100,000 downloads and web site accesses, and related services crashed. Announcer Duncan Fisher says he's never heard of Spectre before, but congratulates him on his first Solaris victory. The attacking Cobra forces are led by a MechWarrior code-named "Dragonfly", who is targeting Spectre. Head Up Display elements are shown in green. Single player and Multiplayer The player cannot take any missions on New Syrtis, but in-game news reports track the progress of the fighting there. But, only true Inner Sphere patriots need apply here, and then only if they are hardcore multiplayer pilots. Contents. The Map Pack: Solaris VII book lists the canon champions for the 3060s, and Spectre is not a match for any of them, rendering his Grand Championship victory non-canon.