The Wahhabis were committed to fixed social and gender relationships. [229][230] Following the lawsuit filed by Aljabri, the US District Court for the District of Columbia issued the summons against the Saudi Crown Prince, along with 11 other people. 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[128] He was telling the country's clerics that the deal the royal family struck with them after the 1979 siege of the Grand Mosque in Mecca was to be renegotiated. The Haramain Express is 450 km line travelling up to 300 km/h that can transport around 60 million passengers annually. [17] His Vision 2030 program aims to diversify the Saudi economy through investment in non-oil sectors including technology and tourism. The name refers to the alleged use of a bone saw to dispose of Khashoggi's remains. Walid also tweeted that Loujain refused the offer proposed by Saudi authorities and “immediately ripped the document”.[154]. [70] The 2018 Arab Youth Survey found that nine out of ten 18–24 year-olds in the MENA region support Mohammed bin Salman's campaign against corruption. [12], Regarding his role in the military intervention, Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave his first on-the-record interview on 4 January 2016 to The Economist, which had called him the "architect of the war in Yemen". The ministry needed a shake-up, and Abdullah, then crown prince but effectively running the kingdom for the ailing King Fahd, encouraged MBN … Turkish officials reportedly believe that Khashoggi was murdered at the consulate, claiming to have specific video and audio recordings proving that Khashoggi was first tortured and then murdered, and that a medical forensics expert was part of the 15-man Saudi team seen entering and leaving the consulate at the time of the journalist's disappearance. [9][10][11], He has led several successful reforms, which include regulations restricting the powers of the religious police,[12] the removal of the ban on female drivers in June 2018,[13] and weakening the male-guardianship system in August 2019. The envoy offered help to the Trump presidential campaign. [191] Prince Mohammed later reportedly claimed Kushner had provided intelligence assistance on domestic rivals to Prince Mohammed during the 2017–19 Saudi Arabian purge,[192] which Trump had personally expressed support for. [242], In 2015, he purchased the Italian-built and Bermuda-registered yacht Serene from Russian vodka tycoon Yuri Shefler for €500 million. [68] Bin Salman's ambitious reform agenda is widely popular with Saudi Arabia's burgeoning youth population but faces resistance from some of the old guard more comfortable with the kingdom's traditions of incremental change and rule by consensus. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain cut diplomatic and trade links with Qatar [in June 2017], suspending air and shipping routes with the world's biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas, which is home to the region's biggest U.S. military base. ", "Saudi Arabia: Arrest of two prominent activists a deadly blow for human rights", "Saudi security forces clamp down on dissent", "Saudi Prosecutor Says 17 Detained in Case Against Activists", "Saudi police arrest three more women's rights activists", "Saudi Arabia releases eight people held in activist crackdown", "Dr Hatoon Ajwad al-Fassi هتون أجواد الفاسي", "Prominent Saudi women's rights activist detained as driving ban lifted: sources", "Saudis arrest another women's right activist", "Saudi Arabia seeks death penalty against female human rights activist", "Saudi Arabia 'seeks death penalty for woman activist, "Saudi Prosecution Seeks Death Penalty for Female Activist", "Who Is Israa al-Ghomgham? It was established in 1976 and mandated to support His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.. . Hashtag' becomes fall guy in Khashoggi case, but is he really down? Mindful of this history, instead of waiting for today's Saudi state to weaken and fall, MBS's aim was to try to save the country before it collapsed. Please help by adding references that support its inclusion, or remove the category if none exist. [123] In October 2017, the plan for Aramco's IPO listing was criticised by The Economist, which called it "a mess". [174] Following the Houthi missile attack against Riyadh in December 2017, which was intercepted by Saudi air defence,[175] Mohammed Bin Salman retaliated with a ten-day barrage of indiscriminate airstrikes against civilian areas in Yemen held by Houthi forces, killing dozens of children. Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Arabic: محمد بن سلمان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎, romanized: Muḥammad bin Salmān bin ‘Abd al-‘Azīz Āl Su‘ūd; born 31 August 1985), colloquially known as MBS, is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. ", "In blocking arms to Yemen, Saudi Arabia squeezes a starving population", "UN receives nearly $1 billion from Saudi Arabia and UAE for humanitarian response to Yemen crisis", "Saudi Arabia says it intercepts Houthi missile fired toward Riyadh, no reported damage", "Britain's red carpet for the Saudi ruler is shameless", "Saudi Arabia planned to invade Qatar last summer. [58], On the day he became Crown Prince, U.S. President Donald Trump called Mohammed bin Salman to "congratulate him on his recent elevation". [213], On 4 December 2018, a group of United States senators were briefed by CIA Director Gina Haspel on the murder of Khashoggi. [58], Mohammed bin Salman leads the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen against the Houthi rebels, who in 2015 seized Sana’a and ousted the Saudi-backed Hadi government, ending multilateral efforts towards a political settlement following the 2011 Yemeni uprising.