What is AI Analytics?

PROACTEYE AI-Machine  Learning  Vital  Signs  Processing,  Managing,  and  Diagnosing  System  based  on Innovative AI-ML Biomedical Signal Processing Algorithms is highly innovative solution  that will  Intelligently Process,  Manage,  and  Diagnose  the  Patients’  Vital  Signs  in remote management unit.

The Key-Technology of a Wireless Mobile AI-Machine Learning Vital Signs Managing System is  to  introduce  an  Innovative  and  Disruptive  Health  Information  Technology  that  will  include  a centralized Artificial  Intelligence system that will  be  a  Self-Machine  Learning Technology which will be  able  to  decide  which  patients  need  doctors’  attention  first. PROACTEYE Remote Patient Management team enables Manage-Process-Record-Analyze Vita Signs based on Continuous time, Real-time, with frequent access, High Quality, and High Precision of Health Data from Anywhere and Anytime.

AI Health Information

PROACTEYE innovative  Vital Analytical Solution  for  in Hospital  and in  Home Management  provides  vital physiological  and bio-signals of the heart and oxygen to cancer, cardiovascular, and critically care patients, but also for any patient  or  person  needs  to  manage  or  diagnose  or  make  measurements  for  the  biomarkers  of electro-cardio-graph (ECG), heart rate (HR), pulse artery rate (PAR), saturation oxygen levels (SPO2), non-invasive high-low-average blood pressure HBPLBP-ABP, respiration (R)-breathing rate  (BR), and skin  temperature  (ST).

PROACTEYE technology  is designed  and  developed  a  Full-Automated  AI-Machine  Learning  Mobile  Health  Information System  that  automates  all  the  Health  Data, and trigger  smart  event  alerts  when  acute  deterioration is  occurred. Automated measurements and continuous time of blood flow, Artery Pulse, non-invasive Blood  Pressure, ECG-Heart problems and Arrhythmia, Temperature and SPO2 oxygen levels are also possible.

Vital Signs-Health Management

Our Predictive AI Analytical Solution for  Hospitals  and  Clinics  is  an  intelligent  early  warning  system  based  on  smart  health  alerts  that  can  predict  life-threatening events like  sepsis,  cardiac  arrhythmias,  heart ischemia-attack, brain stroke,  high  blood pressure, paining, and respiratory arrest.

Our Solution is  to support Clinicians and Medical Doctors with a sophisticated AI Vital Signs-Health Management System that will trigger smart health alerts prior in time, but to also manage the impending deterioration of their Patients’ health status to  prevent  undesired  severe  health  conditions  that  cause death. The added value  of  this  AI  Health  Vital  Signs-Health Management  System  is  to  provide  an  Innovative  and  an Advanced  Personal  Health-Care  System to  the  Patient;  but  to also  provide  an  Advanced  Medical Diagnosis that will lead to an improved Medicine Care.