ProActeye Activity Visibility is defined as monitoring of all the activity logs in the organization via IT Team.
This functionality monitors all activities of users when they sign in to Cloud/On Premise application or mobile apps.

ProActeye Activity Visibility is to ensure that no anomalous activities are going on in the organization. Everyday users sign into applications and Visibility Functionality of ProActeye sends alerts to admin when they sense any suspicious activity from any user.

The need of ProActeye Activity Visibility is to counter following problems:

Use Case Benefits
  • Cyber attacks from hackers can be detected and alerts can be sent.
  • Malwares can attack any cyber network and their target is centrally managed solutions with aggregated reporting.
Password hacking
  • Password of any system can be hacked. Hence, every suspicious activity or unauthorized access to an application by someone not entitled to it needs to be flagged with alerts as that activity.
Identify Insider Threats
  • Malicious insiders cause damaging, headline-making cyber breaches and acts of sabotage.
  • Monitor for data retreat, sabotage, policy violations, and other dangerous activity.
Expose Privilege Abuse
  • Malicious parties can often infiltrate organizations by bribing or extorting an insider. Spot privilege abuse and account compromise before damage occurs

Uncover Compromised Accounts
  • Breaches usually involve multiple user accounts. Distinguish between legitimate accounts and compromised accounts by identifying anomalous activity. Expose the imposter before a breach occurs.
Spot Brute-Force Attacks
  • Attackers will programmatically target your cloud-based infrastructure and external authentication systems. Know when you’re a target so you can block access
Analyze historical user activity to identify anomalies
  • Once you have determined a user of suspicious activities across the network, you can do an in-depth search to identify the audit trail and determine the user’s historical activity.