ProActeye Access Management, built from the lasted next generation technologies, provides the most comprehensive and flexible set of services required for consumer facing access management, as well as traditional access management capabilities.These services include authentication, mobile authentication, adaptive risk assessment, authorization, federation, single sign-on, social sign-on, basic self service, privacy and consent, and high performance session management.

ProActeye Access Management is part of the ProActeye IDM & CASB Suite™, the only commercial CASB offering for access management, identity management, user-managed access, directory services and an identity gateway design and built as single, uniform platform. The solution is built on a highly salable, modular, extensible, and easy-to-deploy architecture. Context-aware capabilities enable your employees, customers, or citizens a personalized experience on any digital channel, whether a mobile device, connected car, home appliance, or whatever the next connected innovation might be.

Single Sign-On

  • Provide Single Sign-On(SSO) services for multiple resources on one domain, across domains, or even across organizations, allowing the use of just a single authentication credential to access all resources.
Features Benefits
  • Leverage contextual authentication to assess risk, invoking stronger authentication mechanisms only when necessary by evaluating who the user is and their context.
Mobile Authentication
  • Enable logins without passwords via Push Authentication feature with iOS and Android devices.
  • Provide frictionless multi-factor authentication using Push Authentications.
  • OATH and HOTP standards that allow one-time password on a mobile phone or other device to be used as an additional factor for authentication.
  • Create sophisticated, context based and intelligent policies to deliver controlled access to resources with the GUI-based policy editor, using point and click, drag and drop operations.
  • Scripting can also be used to extend logic during policy evaluation to any resource type, not only URLs but external services or IoT devices and things.
Federation Management
  • Leverage standards to deliver seamless federation across organizations.
  • Incorporate SAML2 federation into authentication chains, enabling the use of federated identities in stronger multifactor authentication scenarios.
  • Support OpenID Connect which makes it easier and faster to build solutions requiring additional identity information.
Social Authentication
  • Drives new customer adoption by removing the friction of registration process in addition to simplifying sign-in.
Performance, Scalability, High Availability, Elasticity
  • Support large-scale, highly available implementations with millions of users, tens of thousands of concurrent sessions. and thousands of authentications per second.
  • An ideal choice for securing high volume micro-services environments with expanded stateless session support.
  • Leverage the embedded ProActeye Directory Services as a configuration store, highly scalable and performing session-persistent token and user store.
  • All major federation protocols: SAML 1.x,SAML 2.0(SP, IdP, ECP and IdP Proxy), WSFederation (asserting, relaying party)
  • Next gen-federation standards for cloud and mobile, including full implementation of OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, GSMA, and UMA(consumer, provider, authorization server),ensuring greater interoperability and consistent behaviour for developers.
  • Export and import of policies via XACML.
Secure mobile access for BYOD users
  • Deliver applications and information to mobile devices securely so your BYOD users can access them anytime.
  • Administrators can control which applications different users can access with a single touch of the icon
    Includes an SDK (iOS and Android)to enables mobile app developers to leverage ProActeye for credential management.
  • It also enforces access controls to the applications and services that support the mobile apps.